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In 2010 Rich Man & Poor Man would meet for the first time in forty years.  Just like in the epic story of Kane & Abel, this meeting would radically change the lives of both men. Poor Man’s life would become abundantly fruitful, whilst Rich Man’s life would be decimated beyond recognition.

Rich Man Poor Man is a true story a modern day twist on the biblical epic of David and Goliath. The similarities between the two stories will for some, have a deep spiritual significance.

Poor Man John Affleck started life in a dysfunctional family, and at the age of eight was sent to local authority homes for troubled kids. One such home was; Green Field House located near the river in Maidenhead.

Rich Man Denham Gilbart-Smith lived in a Maidenhead riverside mansion, after a privileged start in life being born into a wealthy UK Christian family, he was educated at top fee paying public schools.

Rich Man and Poor Man first met when Gilbart-Smith visited Green Field House to teach kids the Bible. During these “Bible” sessions Gilbart-Smith raped at least 10 young boys.

Rich Man became a Lloyd’s ‘name’ and retired at the age of forty to become an international Bible teacher.

Poor Man spent years in prison confused about life, before finding success at the age of 25. After years of living in the fast lane owning expensive properties, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Ferrari and other prestige cars, emotionally unstable Poor Man pushed the self-destruct button and lost all of his material possessions.

Rich Man and Poor Man would meet in 2010 for the first time in forty years at the Reading Crown Court paedotrial. Rich Man was found not guilty of raping eight boys as young as nine, after murdering a witness and nobbling the jury and Poor Man was sentenced to one year in prison for contempt of court.

Rich Man dare not confront Poor Man’s allegations of three murders, police corruption, a £1,500,000 hush money payment to Maidenhead council and nobbling the 2010 jury. So in 2012, aged 67, Gilbart-Smith the Lloyds-Rapist deserted his children and grandchildren by emigrating to a small island that has no extradition treaty with the UK, to live with other paedophiles and murderers.

Poor Man became the international Bible teacher, as by 2012 his Bible survey DVD set; “The Glory Story” had been translated into nearly one hundred languages.


(1) 1963 Donald Prescott was employed at a children’s home in Ongar Essex where he sexually abused one of the residents Willy Walters.

(2) 1964 Denham Gilbart-Smith aged 17 left his private school in Dublin, upon returning to the family home in Ealing London the young Gilbart-Smith went to work at his fathers insurance business in the city. (Gilbart-Smith would later say that there was homosexual activity at his Dublin school, but he wasn’t personally involved.)

(3) 1964 Donald Prescott was appointed warden of Green Field House children’s home in Ray Park Road Maidenhead Berks. 

(4) 1965 Prescott visited Walter’s parents who told Prescott that since leaving the children’s home in Ongar Willy was out of control. Prescott told Mr & Mrs Walters that he could get Willy a place at Green Field House and he was confident that he could straighten out Willy’s behaviour. So it was that a short time later Willy Walters became a resident at Green Field House.

(5) 1966 The wealthy Gilbart-Smith family moved from Ealing London to a riverside property in Maidenhead they named after their native Ireland home “Ballyhaise”. The Gilbart-Smith family joined the congregation at St Mary Magdalene Church in Bridge Road Maidenhead, where they were introduced to Donald Prescott by the then vicar David Evans. 

(6) 1966 Prescott groomed Denham Gilbart-Smith into abusing one of the Green Field House boys.     

(7) 1967 Prescott coerced Gilbart-Smith to become registered with Maidenhead Council, as a “HELPER” at the children’s home. By this act Prescott had put a ‘noose’ around Gilbart-Smiths neck as he was now officially forever linked with the paedophile ring should they ever be exposed.

(8) 1967 Prescott pulled the noose tighter when Gilbart-Smith agreed to participate in indecent photographic shoots with a young boy Robert A. Robert A was photographed in various poses, which included sucking Gilbart-Smiths erect penis. The photo session according to Robert A took place at Tony Knott’s studio, 39 Minster Street Reading Berks. 

Tony Knott with his latest boyfriend!

Paedophile Tony Knott with his latest boyfriend!

Gilbart-Smith was told by Prescott and Knott that he would not be identified in the photos, as the shoot would only be from the waist down. However, Tony Knott in financial partnership with Prescott, took photo’s that clearly identified and incriminated Gilbart-Smith. The photographs snared Gilbart-Smith and provided enough damaging evidence to shake the Gilbart-Smith family and send Gullible-Gilbart to jail should the wealthy family not succumb to Prescott’s financial demands.



(9) August 1967 Tony Knott was arrested for taking indecent photographs at his studio.

(10) March 1968 Tony Knott was sentenced to 18 months prison. 


(11) May 1968 Gilbart-Smiths 21st birthday present was a 1964 green MG convertible reg KMO 124B. Gilbart-Smith gave Walters his bubble car reg WLH 858. Gilbart-Smith was now a fully fledged member of this paedophile ring. Under Prescott’s command, Gilbart-Smith and Walters were paedophile partners raping the kids with Ted Burkett, and others. 

Both of the kids in the photo were raped by Gilbart-Smith. The kid on the left committed suicide aged 23 after abusing his sisters children. The kid on the right does not wish to be identified.

(12) June 1968 Walters was sent to borstal for robbing a betting shop in Maidenhead. Walters would later tell friends that he only robbed the betting shop to get caught so as to escape from Prescott. (Walters had officially left the children’s home. However, Prescott had found Walters a job and arranged with the social worker for Walters to stay at the home and pay rent).

(13) Summer 1969 Gilbart-Smith raped six boys at the family holiday home in Elmer Sands and another holiday home a few miles up the coast at Bracklesham Bay. 

Elmer Sands

Prescott also attended these weekends and it is highly likely that Prescott would of also taken photos of Gilbart-Smith buggering the boys. The Gilbart-Smith holiday home consisted of three disused railway   carriages sited at 29E Ancton Way Elmer Sands Lymington on Sea PO22  6JW. 

(14) Summer 1970 the tables turned for Gilbart-Smith when he became aware of the real reason that Prescott had befriended him. Prescott showed Gilbart-Smith the damming photo’s, after a blazing row that was witnessed by numerous boys, Gilbart-Smith left Green Field House and never visited the home again. 

 (15) December 1970 a police investigation started into alleged child abuse at Green Field House.

(16) December 1970 shortly after the police investigation started, Donald Prescott the warden, abruptly resigned on medical grounds and the next day left Green Field House. A new warden Mr Beer was appointed. A few days after leaving Prescott returned to the home had an altercation with Mr Beer and broke into his old office for the purpose of retrieving the indecent photos of Denham Gilbart-Smith.

(17) December 1970 after being shown the incriminating photos of his son, Oliver Gilbart-Smith gave Prescott a large amount of cash and a DC Carstairs was bribed. A short time later the police investigation was wound down and soon closed. 

(18) Prescott also took a cash lump from Gilbart-Smith senior and purchased a green MG convertible and property in Hastings.

(19) 1986 After being blackmailed by Prescott for 16 years in 1986 Denham Gilbart-Smith became a Lloyds name. At the same time Gilbart-Smith became a name at Lloyds the blackmailing stopped. One morning whilst out shoping, Prescott had a heart attack and immediately died.  (MURDER 01)

(20) After Prescott’s death Ted Burkett a career paedophile and Willy Walters began blackmailing Gilbart-Smith. With the Gilbart-Smith cash, Burkett purchased a swanky upmarket substantial town house property in the King Charles area of KT5. Burkett boasted that he had paid cash for the property with money he had received from a cigarette scam. One morning whilst out walking, Burkett had a heart attack and immediately died. (MURDER 02)

(21) 1990’s After striking a deal with Walters Gilbart-Smith was free from blackmailers for the first time in his adult life. 

(22) September 2001 Gilbart-Smith was arrested and charged with two rapes after two ex residents of Green Field House filed complaints with Maidenhead police. The charges were later dropped due to insufficient evidence. The two complainants were advised to make a civil claim against Maidenhead Council.

(23) Over the next five years Alan Collins (solicitor) filed sexual abuse claims for nine ex residents of Green Field House.

(24) November 2006 Maidenhead Council RBWM agreed to pay over £300,000 compensation to nine Green Field House sexual abuse victims. 

(25) December 2006 Maidenhead Council believed Denham Gilbart-Smith to be a rapist of children that had been in their care. Instead of contacting Maidenhead Police with the evidence, the Council issued civil proceedings against Denham Gilbart-Smith to recover their loss.

(26) March 2007 Gilbart-Smith with his Uxbridge barrister went to the Nottingham offices of Maidenhead Council’s barristers. According to one of the barristers, the day started with Gilbart-Smith pleading poverty saying that he had lost his money in the stock market crash of the 90’s. However, before the end of the day Gilbart-Smith had written out a seven figure cheque. 

This seven figure payment included a confidentiality clause that kept the Gilbart-Smith name a secret and a clause excluding Gilbart-Smith from being persued by RBWM if any more of his rape victims came forward. 

Under the freedom of information act I received the below information from RBWM I have added the Gilbart-Smith name in capitals.
Further to your Information request FOI65578 please find our responses below:

• To be clear, this claim was against Berkshire County Council not RBWM.
• The legal costs that DBC received were £732,500. However, this represented their work on 16 claimants not the 9 mentioned in the article.
• The period of the claims was determined by the residency dates of the claimants which ranged from September 1964 to December 1975 although the vast majority of claims related to the mid/late sixties.
• Final settlement was made around April 2010 but the initial claims first came to attention in mid 2002. As time moved on, more claimants came forward.
• All bar one (GILBART-SMITH) of the five named abusers I understand were either dead or mentally incapacitated by the time of the allegations so there was just the one individual(GILBART-SMITH) who could potentially be involved. The allegations mentioned several other abusers in general terms i.e. “other men”, “other residents” so I don’t know the total number of individuals involved.
• The alleged abuser (GILBART-SMITH) who was eventually traced did make a financial contribution. However under the legal terms of this settlement it was explicit that no-one but BCC should be informed of the amount paid so I cannot share that.
• Settlement for all of the claimants came to £569,750.
• I don’t have any note of what the total Berkshire CC legal fees came to but for the first nine claimants, £52K was incurred. This is because payment of the BCC solicitor fees wasn’t from RBWM. This concludes your request FOI65578.

Yours sincerely
David Davies
Information Management Officer
Legal Department
Corporate Directorate
Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead
Town Hall, St.Ives Road

This settlement with legal costs was well over £1,000,000! However, with the gagging clause that Gilbart-Smith insisted on and there was also a clause that excluded Gilbart-Smith from any future claims, the council may well of shafted Gilbart-Smith for £3 million or so…

(27) April 2007 Gilbart-Smith sold his family home of 25 years for £1,475,000 to pay for his paedophile activities. After living by the Maidenhead river for over forty years, disgraced in the local community Gilbart-Smith moved to 3 Heritage Court Olney MK46 5FW.

Winterbury Jobs Lane Cookham SL6 9TX sold for £1,475,000

Winterbury Jobs Lane Cookham SL6 9TX sold for £1,475,000 to pay Gilbart-Smiths paedo-bill

(28) March/April 2008 I wrote a book about the children’s home and what took place there. In May I sent a copy to the; “Child Abuse Investigation Unit” at Windsor police. The police responded to the material in the book and launched an investigation.

(29) July 2009 Gilbart-Smith was arrested for sexual abuse. During seven hours of interviews at Maidenhead police station Gilbart-Smiths only response was “NO COMMENT” Gilbart-Smith was then charged with seventeen offences of raping and or sexually abusing eight boys as young as nine.

(30) By 2010 Alan Collins had made successful claims against Maidenhead Council for 21 sexual abuse victims of Green Field House. The councils total compensation bill was £772,250. with legal costs of £847,500. At least 12 of the 21 victims were raped and or abused by Denham Gilbart-Smith. Gilbart-Smiths 7 figure paedophile payment to RBWM could well of covered the full amount that the council paid out £1,619,750.

Reading Crown Court

Reading Crown Court

(31) Monday 17/05/2010 Denham Gilbart-Smiths trial started at Reading Crown Court. After the jury were sworn in they walked the short distance to 39 Minster Street which was the photographic studio of convicted paedophile photographer Tony Knot.


(32) Wednesday 19/05/2010 Willy Walters testified at the 2010 trial that he was raped by Prescott Burkett and other men. Walters told the court that he would rape and groom the younger boys on Prescott’s instructions. Walters lied to the court saying that he had little to do with Denham Gilbart-Smith. (Because Walters was a serious abuse victim he did not face any charges from the police).

(33) Thursday 20/05/2010 Walters finished giving evidence in the morning and traveled to his home in South London. Robert A entered the witness box in a wheelchair. He told the court that when he was resident at Green Field House, he was taken to Tony Knott’s studio in Reading where indecent photographs were taken of him committing sex acts with a naked Denham Gilbart-Smith.

(34) Friday 21/05/2010 In the morning whilst working in a public area, Walters had a heart attack and immediately died. (MURDER 03)

(35) Monday 24/05/2010 Christopher B told the court that Gilbart-Smith drove him in a sports car to a bonfire and firework party at Wandsworth Common London, where he was raped by three men. Joanne Cutts Gilbart-Smiths defence barrister suggested to Christopher B that he was mistaken and it was not Gilbart-Smith who drove him to Wandsworth in the MG but rather it was Willy Walters who drove him to the bonfire party in a bubble car. (Walters was given the bubble car in May 68 and was sent to borstal in June 68)

Walters would have 100% found out that Gilbart-Smiths defence was accusing him of these rapes. Walters would of then 100% told the truth about his relationship with Gilbart-Smith. For Gilbart-Smith to blame Walters for these crimes Gilbart-Smith had to 100% know that Walters was dead! Also had Walters been alive when Gilbart-Smith was acquitted, Walters would of 100% told the truth about his relationship with Gilbart-Smith, which is why Gilbart-Smith contracted for Walters to be murdered. 

(36) The trial lasted for six weeks nine men who had not met for over 40 years all told a similar story concerning being raped by Gilbart-Smith. Gilbart-Smith offered no defence whatsoever to the charges, other than a denial.

(37) On the evening of Tuesday 15th June 2010 the foreman and two other jury members were corrupted with a large amount of cash.

(38) June 2010 After being out for 7 days, in direct opposition to the evidence presented to them, the jury returned not guilty verdicts by a majority.

(Had Walters been alive after Gilbart-Smith nobbled the jury, Walters would have been under extreme pressure and would have had no alternative, other than to tell the truth about the whole affair)

(39) 2011 January Gilbart-Smith put his property at 3 Heritage Court up for sale. Despite the fact that all of Gilbart-Smiths children grandchildren and extended family are all UK residents, Gilbart-Smith who had been a UK resident for 65 years applied to immigrate to Cyprus a country with no extradition treaty with the UK. 

(40) 2012 Gilbart-Smith officially became a Cyprus resident (fugitive) with numerous other paedophiles and criminals. 

(41) 2013 Feburary The Paedotrial book was published and The Paedotrial website became live.

(42) 2013 March Denham Gilbart-Smith officially became a resident of Northern Cyprus a country that has no extradition with the UK!

(43) 2013 November Brian Gilbart-Smith Denham Gilbart-Smiths brother made a complaint to Maidenhaed police that I was harassing the Gilbart-Smith family.

(44) 2014 March Theresa May becomes involved in the Gilbart-Smith allegations.

(45) 2014 November Rich Man Poor Man was completed.

(46) 2015 January Rich Man Poor Man is published and distributed.

(47) 2015 Gilbart-Smith is arrested and extradited to the UK.

(48) 2016 Gilbart-Smith pleads guilty to all charges.

(49) 2016 Gilbart-Smith is sent to jail for the rest of his natural life.

(50) 2017 A public inquiry is launched into how just one serial paedophile can beat the British justice system over a 50 year period!

Actual film of the 2010 Paedotrial