The Paedotrial

John Affleck, Author of the Paedo Trial, Public Speaker, Bible Teacher

John Affleck Author

Published in 2013 The Paedotrial highlights how brazen, cunning and manipulative paedophiles are! The book is a true story concerning the horrific abuse that took place at the Green Field House children’s home in Maidenhead during the 1960’s. The story climaxes with a jury nobbling during the 2010 paedotrial at Reading Crown Court.

In 1970 Maidenhead Council hid evidence relating to paedophiles operating at the Green Field House Children’s Home. In 2007 Maidenhead Council entered into a conspiracy with (Denham Gilbart-Smith) one of the paedophiles to hide the truth in return for a one off 7 figure cash payment. In December 2013 under the freedom of information act Maidenhead Council issued a deceptive statement regarding the amount of money Gilbart-Smith had paid to them;
Making this false statement, the council have clearly committed a criminal deception which is now in the public domain. This deception is currently under investigation.

I also accuse Denham Paedophile-Smith with his father Oliver Paedophile-Smith of corrupting police. I further accuse Lesley Paedophile-Smith (rapists wife) of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. I further accuse Denham Paedophile-Smith with an unknown accomplice, of assassinating all three of his blackmailers: 1. Donald Prescott (warden of the children’s home) 2.Ted Burkett (career paedophile) 3. Willy Walters (ex Green Field House resident)

If Denham Paedophile-Smith, Lesley Paedophile-Smith, Oliver Paedophile-Smith, Tony Paedophile-Knott, the corrupt detective Carstairs or any living person from this paedophile nest, considers any part of my claim/s to be untrue, please file a complaint with the police or sue me for slander. To date none of the Paedophiles or the corrupt detective have made a complaint concerning my accusations and I personally have heard nothing! THE SILENCE IS DEAFENING!!!

However, the paedophiles brother Brian Gilbart-Smith made a complaint to Maidenhead Police on 15/11/2013 stating quote; “The website is inappropriate and does not contain any factual material!” My response to Mr Brian Gilbart-Smith is: ”
1. What part/s of this website is inappropriate?
2. If this website is not factual then why don’t you sue me?
The fact of the matter Bri you know this website is true, you just don’t want the facts made public.

Mr Brian Gilbart-Smith you have information that would help convict Maidenhead paedophiles, I am politely asking you in the spirit of crime prevention, to give this information to Maidenhead police. I would like to point out to you that exposing your murdering, police corrupting, jury nobbling paedophile brother is not a crime. In actual fact the opposite is true.

Since Mr Brian Gilbart-Smith started whinging to the police, I have received a number of letters from Maidenhead police asking me to remove this website, “In the spirit of crime prevention!”  


(1) 1966/7 Denham Gilbart-Smith participated in indecent photographic shoots with young boys at Tony Knotts studio, 39 Minster Street Reading Berks.

(2) August 1967 Tony Knott was arrested for taking indecent photographs.

(3) March 1968 Tony Knott was sentenced to 18 months prison. 

(4) December 1970 a police investigation started into alleged child abuse at Greenfield House.

(5) December 1970 shortly after the police investigation started, Donald Prescott the warden, abruptly resigned (on medical grounds) and left Greenfield House. A new warden Mr Beer was appointed. A few days after leaving Prescott returned to the home had an altercation with Mr Beer and broke into his old office for the purpose of retrieving indecent photos of Denham Gilbart-Smith.

(6) December 1970 after being shown the incriminating photos of his son, Oliver Gilbart-Smith bribed a DC Carstairs and the police investigation was wound down and soon closed.

(7) 1986 After being blackmailed by Prescott for 16 years in 1986 Gilbart-Smith became a Lloyds name. At the same time Gilbart-Smith became a name the blackmailing stopped, when Prescott died one morning after having a heart attack whilst shopping. 

(8) After Prescott’s death Ted Burkett a career paedophile and another man Willy Walters one of Prescott’s Green Field House abuse victims, began blackmailing Gilbart-Smith using another set of the same photos, that had been stored for 16 years in Burketts’ sisters attic. With the Gilbart-Smith cash, Burkett purchased a swanky upmarket substantial town house property in the King Charles area of KT5. Burkett boasted that he had paid cash for the property with money he had received from a cigarette scam. Burkett died one morning, after having a heart attack whilst out walking.

(9) September 2001 Gilbart-Smith was arrested and charged with two rapes after two ex residents of Green Field House filed complaints with Maidenhead police. The charges were later dropped due to insufficient evidence. The two complainants were advised to make a civil claim against Maidenhead Council.

(10) Over the next five years Alan Collins (solicitor) filed sexual abuse claims for nine ex residents of Green Field House.

(11) November 2006 Maidenhead Council agreed to pay out over £3,000,000 in compensation and legal fees, to 9 ex residents of the children’s home.

(12) December 2006 Maidenhead Council believed Denham Gilbart-Smith to be a child rapist of children that had been in their care. Instead of contacting Maidenhead Police with the evidence, the Council issued civil proceedings against Denham Gilbart-Smith to recover their £3,000,000 plus loss.

(13) Early in 2007 Maidenhead Council received a single payment from Gilbart-Smith of between one & three million pounds. In return for this paedophile friendly payment, Maidenhead Council entered into a covenant of secrecy with Gilbart-Smith, a person they believed to have raped numerous kids that were in their care. Maidenhead Council made a second secret agreement with Denham Paedophile-Smith that was not in the interest of child safety and security. The agreement was that in return for this one off payment, if the council agreed to settle with any more of Gilbart-Smiths rape victims, Gilbart-Smith would be excluded from any future civil action from the council. (THERE WERE NUMEROUS FURTHER PAYOUTS FROM MAIDENHEAD COUNCIL TO SEXUAL ABUSE VICTIMS FROM GREEN FIELD HOUSE THAT CLAIMED TO HAVE BEEN RAPED BY GILBART-SMITH. HOWEVER, MAIDENHEAD COUNCIL COULD NOT SUE GILBART-SMITH TO RECOVER THEIR LOSSES DUE TO THEIR PAEDOPHILE AGREEMENT).

(14) July 2009 Gilbart-Smith was arrested for sexual abuse. During seven hours of interviews at Maidenhead police station Gilbart-Smiths only response was “NO COMMENT” Gilbart-Smith was then charged with seventeen offences of raping and or sexually abusing eight boys as young as nine.

(15) By 2010 Alan Collins had made successful claims against Maidenhead Council for 21 sexual abuse victims of Green Field House. At least 12 of these victims were raped and or abused by Denham Gilbart-Smith.

(16) Monday 17/05/2010 Denham Gilbart-Smiths trial started at Reading Crown Court. After the jury were sworn in they walked the short distance to 39 Minster Street which was the photographic studio of convicted paedophile photographer Tony Knot.

(17) Wednesday 19/05/2010 Walters (one of Gilbart-Smiths blackmailers) testified at the 2010 trial that he was raped by Prescott Burkett and other men. Walters told the court  that he would rape and groom the younger boys on Prescott’s instructions. Walters lied to the court saying that he had little to do with Denham Gilbart-Smith.

(18) Thursday 20/05/2010 Robert A entered the witness box in a wheelchair. He told the court that when he was resident at Green Field House, he was taken to Tony Knott’s studio in Reading where indecent photographs were taken of him with a naked Denham Gilbart-Smith.

(19) Friday 21/05/2010 Walters died in the morning after having a heart attack on a building site. 

(20) Monday 24/05/2010 Christopher B told the court that Gilbart-Smith drove him in his green MG convertible to a bonfire party at Wandsworth Common London. Upon arriving at the party Christopher B was given coke in a glass and a short time later he felt sick and was taken upstairs by Gilbart-Smith to lie down in a bedroom, where he was raped by three men. Joanne Cutts Gilbart-Smiths defence barrister suggested to Christopher B that he was mistaken and it was not Gilbart-Smith who drove him to Wandsworth in the MG but rather it was Willy Walters who drove him to the bonfire party in a bubble car. Had Walters been alive, Gilbart-Smith would not have dared to use this tactic! (A man and CB travel to London in a three seater sports car, where CB was raped by three men and 40 years later CB is confused thinking that a three seater convertible sports car was really a one seater bubble car.
1. Gilbart-Smith had no defence and this tactic was smoke.
2. To use this stupidity as a defence, Gilbart-Smith had to know that Walters was dead. The only way Gilbart-Smith could know that Walters was dead, is if someone had informed him. If Gilbart-Smith was going to be found NOT GUILTY Walters would have to be silenced before the not guilty verdicts.
To save his own skin, Gilbart-Smith had Walters murdered.

(21) The trial lasted for six weeks 9 men who had not met for over 40 years all claimed to have been raped/abused by Gilbart-Smith. Gilbart-Smith offered no defence other than a denial. Judge John summed up saying; “If you believe that one of the nine witnesses is telling the truth then you must believe that they all are.”

(22) Sometime between Friday 11/06/2010 and Tuesday 15/06/2010 Gilbart-Smiths accomplice nobbled jury members with large amounts of cash. (The jury were not aware of Walters death or Gilbart-Smiths out of court settlement to Maidenhead Council)

It is documented that prior to his assassination, Walters told the following to the solicitor Alan Collins: “In 1970 when the police investigated Green Field House, Burkett ran off to Australia. At the same time Prescott broke into his old office at Green Field House to recover photos of Denham Gilbart-Smith in indecent acts with boys. Prescott took the photos to Gilbart-Smiths father. Prescott told Oliver Gilbart-Smith; “If I go down I am taking your son with me!” Detective Carstairs was then bribed and the child abuse investigation was wound down.”

John R and other Green Field House residents witnessed Prescott breaking into his old office and an altercation taking place between Prescott and Beer. Michael M a 16 year old abuse victim was interviewed by DC Carstairs. The interview went like this, DC Carstairs; “Your telling me that he put his cock up your arse! That’s fucking disgusting nobody will believe that! Are you some sort of fucking poofter?” After this interview the police investigation was wound down and then closed.

Walters further told the solicitor; “Many years later Burkett returned from Australia and visited Walters parents. Walters parents told Burkett that Walters was in Wandsworth jail. Burkett visited Walters in jail and on release Burkett took Walters to his sisters house, where at Burkett’s request, Walters went into the attic and recovered indecent photo’s of Gilbart-Smith.”


On the left is a picture of Gilbart-Smiths bubble car, in 1967/8 Gilbart-Smith gave the car to Willy Walters when he became the owner of a new green MG convertible reg KMO 124B. So it is quite clear that Walters and Gilbart-Smith were in it together. Had Walters been alive when Greasy-Gilbart was found not guilty, Walters would have definitely let the cat out of the bag!


All three of Gilbart-Smiths blackmailers were well enough to  leave their homes and go about their daily business! One shopping / One walking / One scaffolding All three died in the morning in a public place within 30 minutes of having a heart attack!

The UK population is 60 million.
There are 500,000 deaths a year in the UK.
1 in 5 men die from a heart attack.
50% of heart attack victims will die within an hour.
3% of ALL deaths of men & women occour in a public place

The three blackmailers all die of a heart attack.
The three blackmailers die between 9-11 am (8.3% of 24 hour time frame)
The three blackmailers all die in a public place.
The three blackmailers all die within 1 hour of the heart attack.

math calculation

2010 Paedotrial

The prosecution case was; nine men gave tearful accounts of the circumstances surrounding the assaults and rapes by Denham Gilbart-Smith in Maidenhead, London, Kent, Sussex, and Cornwall. The defence case was Gilbart-Smith agreed that he was with the paedophiles and the boys in Maidenhead, London, Kent, Sussex, and Cornwall, But Gilbart-Smith denied raping the boys he said; “I didn’t know that all of the other men were paedophiles, I didn’t rape any of the boys they are all lying!”

After being out for 7 days, in direct opposition to the evidence presented to them, the jury returned not guilty verdicts by a majority.


Prior to the 2010 trial Gilbart-Smith ran an insurance business that insured people against kidnapping & international terrorism. So it is safe to say that this paedophile is a planner and a strategist. Whilst I understand that juries sometimes bring unfathomable verdicts, I don’t believe this case was one of them for the following reasons.

  1. Gilbart-Smith is a strategist and would not have entered court with NO DEFENCE just relying on a ridiculous jury verdict to walk free, especially after just paying out million/s in one lump to Maidenhead council.
  2. One day as I entered Reading Crown Court I never saw Gilbart-Smith and his wife lurking inside the entrance. As I walked up the corridor away from the entrance Gilbart-Smith with his wife overtook me on my left. Then Gilbart-Smith from my left cut across my path directly in front of me so that I had to stop walking for a second, Gilbart Smith then entered the toilets on my right.This to my way of thinking was a direct invitation for me to follow him in to the toilets. If I had of done so, no doubt Mrs Church-Going Lesley-Paedophile-Smith would have been causing a scene outside the toilet, which would have resulted in the trial being adjourned or a mistrial or something. This makes Mrs Church-Going-Lesley-Paedophile-Smith guilty of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice with her beloved paedophile husband.
  3. For Gilbart-Smith the Reading trial was his paedoggedon! Found guilty Gilbart-Smith would go to prison on the nonce wing for the rest of his life. By nobbling the jury Gilbart-Smith had absolutely nothing to lose and his freedom to gain. IT REALLY IS A NO BRAINER IF YOU HAVE THE MONEY AND THE NERVE!!!!

Now four years down the line in 2014 my theory could be very easily proven with a simple financial investigation.

“Jury nobbling does happen but it is very rare. The problem is that it only rarely comes to light!”
Detective Chief Inspector Leslie Fitzgerald
Scotland Yard Organised Crime Squad