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The Paedotrial by John Affleck, highlights a level of deviancy, manipulation and intrigue in the psychological makeup of a paedophile, which is so deceitful and brazen, it is difficult to believe that a lone individual could be so cunning. One of the main paedophiles named in the book, is Denham Gilbart-Smith a high profile City of London Lloyd’s ‘name’ who has paid out millions of pounds (documented) to separate himself from his paedophile activities and stay out of jail, whilst at the same time being placed under police protection (documented) from his many now adult male victims, which were as young as nine years of age when he raped them (documented).


At the 2010 trial Gilbart-Smith called all of his family as character witnesses, thus preventing them from hearing the case of both the prosecution evidence and his totally ludicrous defence nonsense.


Gilbart-Smith’s family and church friends would have known, for example that his first car was a ‘bubble car’.  Gilbart-Smith gave the bubble car to Willy Walters who later became one of Gilbart-Smiths blackmailers, Walters lied to Reading Crown Court  saying: “I had little to do with the posh man. “ The following morning after committing perjury protecting Gilbart-Smith, Walters was dead. Walters died in exactly the same was as Gilbart-Smiths two other blackmailers.

Did Gilbart-Smith tell his wife family or church friends that his first car was a bubble car?


In 2007 Gilbart-Smith paid Maidenhead Council over £1M to hide his paedophile activities.

Were the Gilbart-Smith family aware that the Gilbart-Smith paid over a million pounds to Maidenhead Council?


In Gilbart-Smiths 1967 diary it said that he was meeting Gwen in Reading. Gwen was the name of one of the female paedophiles. Gilbart-Smith told the court that this was his aunt Gwen.

Did Gilbart-Smith have an aunt Gwen?


One of the boys from the children’s home told the court that in 1967 he was raped and abused by Gilbart-Smith when  Gilbart-Smith took him out for a drive in a Consul. Gilbart-Smith told the court that he never owned or had access to a Consul car, even though “Consul car” was written in his 1967 diary.

Do either of the Gilbart-Smith brothers remember a Consul car? Did their father own a Consul car?


Gilbart-Smith told the court that he had never been to Bracklesham Bay where one of the rapes took place. Bracklesham Bay was just a few miles from Elmer Sands where Gilbart-Smiths grandfather had a holiday home.

Who owned the Bracklesham Bay holiday home?
Did the Gilbart-Smith family go to Bracklesham Bay?
Do the Gilbart-Smith brothers remember a connection in Bracklesham Bay?

Readers thoughts


I was amazed when I read this. Its the astonishing true story of how abuse affected a man’s life, how he came through it but years later came to confront one of his abusers. I was surprised how much research it contains to support allegations of corruption in the legal system plus blackmail and even murder. A fascinating book.



A harrowing story of one man’s fight to overcome the demons of being abused as a child that affected his whole life. The story takes you through his life from a young age to the trial and the things that happened to him. The trial itself is a story on its own and you see how the lawyers turn everything on its head to make the victims look like the criminals and the filthy scumbag paedophile look like the innocent victim. This is a MUST READ!



As soon as I became aware of the author’s plight I knew I had a moral responsibility to read this book. If the information contained in it is true (and watching the historic abuse cases now being made public certainly adds to its credibility) then we are all morally obliged to take action to ensure the guilty face justice. If we do nothing we will be risking the safety of our own children, our grandchildren and all the generations that follow. Please take the time to read this and listen to your conscience



A true story which clearly sets outs the lifelong effects of child abuse and the deviance and corruption of named paedophiles. The author has self published the book in his campaign for justice and to raise public awarness of how a prolific paedophile used his wealth to corrupt the justice system. In spite of 17 charges of child rape and overwhelming evidence the paedophile has never to this day paid for his abhorrant crimes.
Excellent book, well written and factual.


I became a Christian in my teens, and joined River church in Maidenhead.  At that time Denham Gilbart-Smith was the leader of the church.  I always felt that there were lots of things which weren’t quite ‘right’.  Firstly he was very wealthy and lots of the members of the church would try and ‘keep up’ with his lifestyle. It always felt very odd….there was this guy Karl Davey who was a very lovely person but suffered from lack of confidence.   He always tried to keep up with Denham, down to the point where he embezzled his company (he was an accountant) – he ended up going to jail for a while for this (he sadly died quite recently).  I always remember Karl having the same green leather jacket as Denham, he wanted to be like him, such was the power he had over the people at the church.

Anyway I suppose I was in awe of him as a teenager, he seem to have this personality that you would kind of do anything he said.  He was incredibly manipulative and I think there were quite a few people that were scared of him in some way or wouldn’t go against him.  When I started going out with a girl, I remember him asking whether we had ‘had sex’.  It was incredibly embarrassing and humiliating.  It of course was none of his business but looking back I was young and easily manipulated and felt like I had to answer him. He had that power over people.  You felt that you had to tell him everything that you did however personal.  Looking back this was a horrible situation to put any teenager through when you are going through so many changes and challenges.

I suppose the main thing that I don’t know whether you know that Denham had an affair with a member of the church which went on for a number of years (like years and years I think).  Her name was Julie B.  She was a single lady member of the church at the time. The thing is this.  Denham wanted to hide the fact that he had an affair and basically manipulated the leadership team so that they wouldn’t say anything to the congregation.  However, Julie B then came to the leadership team and told them everything that had happened.  There was a meeting with the whole church and I think then only Denham confessed (although he said it was not ‘full intercourse’ just ‘oral sex’ he tried to make it sound less than what it was basically) and although I wasn’t there it was recorded so everyone got to hear it.  Everyone was really shocked and upset. As a young person, it was horrible to hear that the man you looked up to had been doing this.  Anyway he was asked to step down from the Leadership team which he did for a while.  However, he wanted to come back to the leadership team and they wouldn’t let him.  I think he threw up quite a stink and lost a lot of friends.  I think he may of even tried to set up his own church or something.    He didn’t like to not be in control or in a position of power.

I think it all got hushed up afterwards as well – you know got to ‘forgive’ etc.  I didn’t see anything in the papers about it.  I do remember Julie B being asked to leave the church whilst Denham remained.  Funny that eh? The wanton woman cast out of the fold but Denham sitting pretty.  I always felt very saddened by the whole thing.  It made me question my faith to a huge degree.

I hope you get justice,



After reading your book I am disgusted as to the outcome of proceedings. Regardless if Gilbart-Smith was the sole instigator in the paedophile ring or not, undoubted involvement in the first place should not be disguished by the excuse of peer pressure or any other excuse when the witness evidence is so clear.

The Jury’s outcome on the matter is absolutely ridiculous. Stating that “It all happened such a long time ago!”.. this statement is incredibly naiive as it is like saying that those involved in the torturing of people in the concentration camps should be forgotten and forgiven simply as they are old and “it all happened such a long time ago”. I think not.

This is a prime example as to where the justice system is so corrupted. The justice system were quick to jump on yourself for petty crimes (in the grand scheme of things) such as driving under the influence, however if such immediate action was taken against these crimes, a PAEDOPHILE abusing YOUNG and INNOCENT children, such as yourself, should without hesitation be shown the full, immediate punishment he deserves.

I severly hope justice will prevail in this case and Gibart-Smith gets the full punishment he truely deserves, life imprisonment – however this prison sentence I do not believe would be enough – ruining so many people’s innocent lives and causing so much pain he deserves a much crueller punishment!!

I really do wish you all the best and hope justice will be served to him deservingly.

Kindest Regards,



i downloaded your book what i can tell you is i found it well written ,concise and it made me angry that all that shit happened to you.i despair of the cruelty that happens to children .i don’t know how we stop it .i guess the first thing is to make everyone in society aware of the sick thugs that we deem ok to look after children.
if i had my way i would not let men have anything to do with the care system. a bit extreme but to be honest the more i find out it seems to me they cannot be trusted not to abuse the vulnerable,be it small children,the elderly or special needs people.

i cant believe that as a so called caring society,the cover ups and abuse is happening right now whilst we as a nation are worried whether there’s horse meat in shit food or what time coronation street is on. i apologize on behalf of the section of society who don’t want to look the other way,and do care about what happens to children when they go into the care system. care system,even the name is a joke.

from the bottom of my heart i am sorry that you had to write such a book,i really am.
good luck in the future and i hope you nail the bastards.
i also wish you happiness,in what ever form it takes,and that you grab it with both hands.
love gill


Hi John,

Amazing!  Read the book from start to finish! You really are the number one main man to survive that fucking scumbag and the trial without killing the fucker. I could never ever forgive the cunt for what he did. I think he got to more than three jurors? You are my HERO!

Best regards, Derek