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7.      Gilbart-Smith coughed up a 7 figure payment to stay out of court
8.      Gilbart-Smith blackmail plots & heart attacks
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11.   A day at Green Field House children’s home
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Denham Gilbart-Smith is this your life?

Denham Gilbart-Smith you were born in 1947 and from the age of six you went to Great Walstead School in Sussex, then a public school in Dublin where you state that you were aware of homosexual activity but you weren’t involved. After leaving school you lived with your family in London and at the age of seventeen you went to work at your father’s insurance business in the City.

In 1964 you moved from London to Maidenhead. At St Mary’s church you met a nest of paedophiles namely; Donald Prescott, who was the psychopathic warden of Green Field house children’s home Maidenhead. Other paedophiles you went to church or associated with were Clemence Prescott, Ted Burkett, Tony Knott, Clive Bristow who died of aids, Michael Moore (aged late 60’s 70’s) to name a few.

In 1967 you claim to have committed your life to Christ at a Billy Graham crusade in London but also during the period 1966-1970 you visited Green Field House where you raped and abused at least 12 boys as young as nine. During this time you were photographed by *Tony Knott naked performing sexual acts with Robert A. *Convicted paedophile photographer

In 1970 you stopped visiting the children’s home. Also in December of 1970 after your father was shown your blackmail photos he bribed the police namely a DC Carstairs. (alive and living nr Bracknell) However, unfortunately for you, the Green Field House saga didn’t end there and the blackmailers would come back to haunt you throughout your adult life time and time again!

Denham Gilbart-Smith you met your fifteen year old wife to be Lesley, whilst you were a church youth group leader in your late twenties and for the next few years you attended David Pawson’s church in Guildford whilst doing remarkably well in the city making many millions. You had four children which you named after people in the bible. Sometime later you became a leader in the River Church Maidenhead until you were eventually excommunicated for inappropriate sexual relationships with church members, this came to light after a five year affair with Julie B was exposed.

In 1986 you retired at the age of 40 to become a named Lloyd’s investor? At the same time as your retirement the blackmailing stopped when Prescott in his 50’s immediatly died of a massive heart attack in a public place in the morning.

After Prescotts demise, Burkett another paedophile in his 50’s started to blackmail you but like Prescott, Burkett abruptly died of a massive heart attack in a public place in the morning.

Denham your retirement years were fruitful going to different countries to tell people about God, teaching the bible and sharing your so called; “Christian” faith. That is until you were arrested on 2nd August 2001 and charged with raping two boys from Green Field House. However, the charges were later dropped due to insufficient evidence.

In 2008 on 1st July you were again arrested and charged with 17 counts of raping 8 boys as young as 9. Your six week trial started on the Monday 17th May 2010. On Wednesday 19th of May Walters told the court that “I had little to do with the posh man” This was clearly a lie as Walters an ex Green Field House resident abused boys with you and later helped Burkett in his blackmail plot against you. When Burkett died you paid off Walters who purchased three properties and started a scaffolding business.

Walters was only one man left alive who knew the true story of your involvement and subsequent blackmail plots. On Wednesday 19th May Walters lied to the court saying that he had very little to do with you. On Friday 21st May Walters died after having a massive heart attack in a public place in the morning.

On Wednesday 16th June you bribed three members of the jury and on the Wednesday 23rd June by a majority the jury returned not guilty verdicts. Had Walters lived to hear the not guilty verdicts he would have been forced to tell the truth concerning your criminal & peadophile activities by myself and others? This was the reason Walters died in the same way as your other two blackmailers.

Denham Gilbart-Smith, is your life? Of course if this is not your life then you are free to take me to court for slander.

You can never be too rich, too good looking, or too careful!

Comments from readers

Denham Gilbart Smith



I was amazed when I read this. Its the astonishing true story of how abuse affected a man’s life, how he came through it but years later came to confront one of his abusers. I was surprised how much research it contains to support allegations of corruption in the legal system plus blackmail and even murder. A fascinating book.



A harrowing story of one man’s fight to overcome the demons of being abused as a child that affected his whole life. The story takes you through his life from a young age to the trial and the things that happened to him. The trial itself is a story on its own and you see how the lawyers turn everything on its head to make the victims look like the criminals and the filthy scumbag paedophile look like the innocent victim. This is a MUST READ for anybody who wants to protect their children from the evil ‘elite’ that exist and continue to abuse children throughout the country today.



As soon as I became aware of the author’s plight I knew I had a moral responsibility to read this book. If the information contained in it is true (and watching the historic abuse cases now being made public certainly adds to its credibility) then we are all morally obliged to take action to ensure the guilty face justice. If we do nothing we will be risking the safety of our own children, our grandchildren and all the generations that follow. Please take the time to read this and listen to your conscience



A true story which clearly sets outs the lifelong effects of child abuse and the deviance and corruption of named paedophiles. The author has self published the book in his campaign for justice and to raise public awarness of how a prolifict paedophile used his wealth to corrupt the justice system. In spite of 17 charges of child rape and overwhelming evidence the paedophile has never to this day paid for his abhorrant crimes.
Excellent book, well written and factual.


I became a Christian in my teens, and joined River church in Maidenhead.  At that time Denham Gilbart-Smith was the leader of the church.  I always felt that there were lots of things which weren’t quite ‘right’.  Firstly he was very wealthy and lots of the members of the church would try and ‘keep up’ with his lifestyle. It always felt very odd….there was this guy Karl Davey who was a very lovely person but suffered from lack of confidence.   He always tried to keep up with Denham, down to the point where he embezzled his company (he was an accountant) – he ended up going to jail for a while for this (he sadly died quite recently).  I always remember Karl having the same green leather jacket as Denham, he wanted to be like him, such was the power he had over the people at the church.

Anyway I suppose I was in awe of him as a teenager, he seem to have this personality that you would kind of do anything he said.  He was incredibly manipulative and I think there were quite a few people that were scared of him in some way or wouldn’t go against him.  When I started going out with a girl, I remember him asking whether we had ‘had sex’.  It was incredibly embarrassing and humiliating.  It of course was none of his business but looking back I was young and easily manipulated and felt like I had to answer him. He had that power over people.  You felt that you had to tell him everything that you did however personal.  Looking back this was a horrible situation to put any teenager through when you are going through so many changes and challenges.

I suppose the main thing that I don’t know whether you know that Denham had an affair with a member of the church which went on for a number of years (like years and years I think).  Her name was Julie B.  She was a single lady member of the church at the time. The thing is this.  Denham wanted to hide the fact that he had an affair and basically manipulated the leadership team so that they wouldn’t say anything to the congregation.  However, Julie B then came to the leadership team and told them everything that had happened.  There was a meeting with the whole church and I think then only Denham confessed (although he said it was not ‘full intercourse’ just ‘oral sex’ he tried to make it sound less than what it was basically) and although I wasn’t there it was recorded so everyone got to hear it.  Everyone was really shocked and upset. As a young person, it was horrible to hear that the man you looked up to had been doing this.  Anyway he was asked to step down from the Leadership team which he did for a while.  However, he wanted to come back to the leadership team and they wouldn’t let him.  I think he threw up quite a stink and lost a lot of friends.  I think he may of even tried to set up his own church or something.    He didn’t like to not be in control or in a position of power.

I think it all got hushed up afterwards as well – you know got to ‘forgive’ etc.  I didn’t see anything in the papers about it.  I do remember Julie B being asked to leave the church whilst Denham remained.  Funny that eh? The wanton woman cast out of the fold but Denham sitting pretty.  I always felt very saddened by the whole thing.  It made me question my faith to a huge degree.

I hope you get justice,



After reading your book I am disgusted as to the outcome of proceedings. Regardless if Gilbart-Smith was the sole instigator in the paedophile ring or not, undoubted involvement in the first place should not be disguished by the excuse of peer pressure or any other excuse when the witness evidence is so clear.

The Jury’s outcome on the matter is absolutely ridiculous. Stating that “It all happened such a long time ago!”.. this statement is incredibly naiive as it is like saying that those involved in the torturing of people in the concentration camps should be forgotten and forgiven simply as they are old and “it all happened such a long time ago”. I think not.

This is a prime example as to where the justice system is so corrupted. The justice system were quick to jump on yourself for petty crimes (in the grand scheme of things) such as driving under the influence, however if such immediate action was taken against these crimes, a PAEDOPHILE abusing YOUNG and INNOCENT children, such as yourself, should without hesitation be shown the full, immediate punishment he deserves.

I severly hope justice will prevail in this case and Gibart-Smith gets the full punishment he truely deserves, life imprisonment – however this prison sentence I do not believe would be enough – ruining so many people’s innocent lives and causing so much pain he deserves a much crueller punishment!!

I really do wish you all the best and hope justice will be served to him deservingly.

Kindest Regards,



i downloaded your book what i can tell you is i found it well written ,concise and it made me angry that all that shit happened to you.i despair of the cruelty that happens to children .i don’t know how we stop it .i guess the first thing is to make everyone in society aware of the sick thugs that we deem ok to look after children.
if i had my way i would not let men have anything to do with the care system. a bit extreme but to be honest the more i find out it seems to me they cannot be trusted not to abuse the vulnerable,be it small children,the elderly or special needs people.

i cant believe that as a so called caring society,the cover ups and abuse is happening right now whilst we as a nation are worried whether there’s horse meat in shit food or what time coronation street is on. i apologize on behalf of the section of society who don’t want to look the other way,and do care about what happens to children when they go into the care system. care system,even the name is a joke.

from the bottom of my heart i am sorry that you had to write such a book,i really am.
good luck in the future and i hope you nail the bastards.
i also wish you happiness,in what ever form it takes,and that you grab it with both hands.
love gill



Hi John,

Amazing!  Read the book from start to finish! You really are the number one main man to survive that fucking scumbag and the trial without killing the fucker. I could never ever forgive the cunt for what he did. I think he got to more than three jurors? You are my HERO!

Best regards, Derek

All that is hidden will be revealed,
all that is concealed will be made known.


The Nobbler







On 17th May 2010 a paedophile named Denham Gilbart-Smith appeared at Reading crown court with 17 historic charges of raping eight children of which I was one. Nine men (one of the nine was too late giving a statement for charges to be bought) in their 50’s who apart from chance meetings hadn’t met each other for 40 years gave very convincing evidence for the prosecution.

Image (29)


13 of Gilbart’s charges

These nine men all with children and grandchildren claimed to have been raped by Gilbart-Smith the Lloyds investor during their stay at Green Field House children’s home Maidenhead (Theresa May’s constituency). Gilbart-Smith, offered no defence other than a denial and a moral smoke screen, as he claimed to be a “Christian” who was a church leader at Foxes Piece School, Newfield Road, Marlow. Gilbart-Smith also told the court that he was a Bible teaching missionary and friends with a David Pawson a prominent evangelical Bible teacher.

The jury in total disregard of the overwhelming evidence against Gilbart-Smith found the paedophile not guilty by a majority on fifteen of the charges and the remaining two charges were dropped as the CPS offered no evidence. In The Nobbler I put forward a very compelling case of jury tampering. I invite you to be the judge, read the book and draw your own conclusions!

Oh what a tangled web we weave
When first we practise to deceive!

Four charges dropped

John Price Judge John Jo Cutts

John Price Judge John Jo Cutts







After John Price Q.C. for the prosecution had presented his case for 17 charges of rape and sexual abuse against Gilbart-Smith, Mr Price allowed four of the charges to be dropped.

CHARGE ONE: Was indecent assault, as the witness had said that he couldn’t be sure whether this was Gilbart-Smith or Burkett, and if the witness couldn’t be sure then how could the jury be sure, Mr Price pointed out.

CHARGE TWO: The witness, when giving evidence, had told the court about Gilbart-Smith raping him in the TV room. However, the specimen charge that Gilbart-Smith was standing before the court for was related to raping this man in the sick bay room. When cross examined the man never gave evidence of the sick bay rape just the TV room rape, so the charge was dropped.

CHARGE THREE: An attempted buggery was dropped as under cross examination, what the witness had described was not attempted buggery.

CHARGE FOUR: A fourth charge of indecent assault was conceded, as whilst the witness gave evidence of being tied up and sexually abused, whilst giving his evidence he did not say that it was Gilbart-Smith. For this reason the charge was conceded.

The defence asked that more charges be dropped. Jo Cutts Q.C. told the court that the charge of conspiracy to bugger, should be dropped. It was stated by the witness that after being taken by Gilbart-Smith to a bonfire party at the Tudor House on Wandsworth Common, after being drugged, Gilbart-Smith had taken the boy up to the bedroom to lie down. The witness then said that Gilbart-Smith left him in the bedroom with a number of men and closed the door as he left.

The witness awoke the next day with blood coming from his back passage. The defence argued that if buggery had taken place, there was no evidence to suggest that Gilbart-Smith had entered into a conspiracy with whomever had buggered the witness as, according to the evidence of the witness, the defendant had left the room and closed the door.

The prosecution argued that the witness was taken to Wandsworth by a man in a convertible sports car. There was only one sports car used by the paedophiles and this had been proven to be Gilbart-Smith’s green MG. The fact that Gilbart-Smith had driven the witness to Wandsworth was sufficient to prove the conspiracy charge.

The defence further argued for a case of rape to be dropped as the witness, in his cross examination, was not specific as to the location being in Prescott’s private quarters. The witness gave evidence of being raped generally by Gilbart-Smith in various locations but didn’t give specific evidence concerning the specific rape that the specimen charge related to in Prescott’s private quarters.

As the court adjourned, Gilbart-Smith stepped out of the dock and started talking, smiling and laughing with his barrister. The lead detective, DI Brian McDaide, seeing this said, “He makes me feel sick!”

Justice is about making the abuser pay for the pain they have created!
Revenge is making the abuser pay for the pain you are feeling!


Gilbart-Smith the paedophile lying under cross examination


Denham Gilbart-Smith










Gilbart Smith told the court that he went to a school in Dublin where there was homosexual activity but he didn’t get involved. In 1969 Gilbart-Smith said that he had a sexual relationship with Andrea for six months but he couldn’t remember her surname. Gilbart-Smith then went out with a girl called Lynne for six months but couldn’t remember her surname either.

One of the witnesses said that Gilbart-Smith raped him at Gilbart-Smith’s parents’ riverside home in Maidenhead, Berkshire, Gilbart-Smith said this was not true. After the rape in the summer of 1967 the boy had told the court that Gilbart-Smith then drove him alone, sixty miles to the Great Walstead School in West Sussex, a school that Gilbart-Smith had attended up until the age of thirteen. The reason for going to the school the boy said, was for a reunion. Gilbart-Smith said he couldn’t remember as it was so long ago.

To help jog his memory, Smith was taken to his diary in July of 1967 where it said “reunion”. Smith was asked if this could have been the reunion at Great Walstead, Smith said he couldn’t remember as it was such a long time ago. When further questioned, Gilbart-Smith said that it might have been, but he wasn’t sure if it was as he couldn’t remember. But it might have been.

When boxed in, Smith admitted that he may have taken this boy to Great Walstead, but when pressed further Smith was adamant that he never took a boy out alone in his sports car, but he couldn’t remember as it all happened such a long time ago.

One of the boys said that Mr Gilbart-Smith took him out in a Consul car and abused him. Gilbart-Smith said that he never owned or had access to a Consul car. He was again led to his 1967 diary where it said “Consul car”. Gilbart-Smith said that this was referring to the console in his MG. When asked about the different spelling, Mr Gilbart-Smith said that his spelling wasn’t very good.

Mr Gilbart-Smith admitted that the men he socialised with he now knew to be paedophiles, namely Don Prescott, Clem Prescott, Clive Bristow Ted Burkett and Michael Moore. Gilbart-Smith said that at the time he wasn’t aware that the other men were paedophiles abusing the boys.

When asked what he did with the boys if he wasn’t sexually abusing them, Gilbart-Smith said he would talk with them. Asked what he talked with them about, he said that he couldn’t remember as it was such a long time ago. Asked why, if he was kind to the boys, were there so many complaints about his behaviour, he said, “I don’t know why”.

Gilbart-Smith said that he only went to the children’s home a few times after the summer of 1969. Gilbart-Smith was taken to witness FIFTEEN’s statement that as uncontested evidence was read to the court. Witness FIFTEEN stated that:

  1. Mr Gilbart-Smith was a regular visitor to GFH.
  2. FIFTEEN went out with Mr Gilbart-Smith in his MG car.
  3. FIFTEEN went to the home of Mr Gilbart-Smith by the river.
  4. FIFTEEN went to the Gilbart-Smith holiday home twice.

However, according to the council’s records, FIFTEEN didn’t arrive at GFH until the March of 1970.

Witness FOURTEEN, whose statement was also read out to the court uncontested, said that Gilbart-Smith stopped coming to the home abruptly and there was a rumour amongst the boys that Gilbart-Smith and Prescott had had a big row. (Prescott showed Gilbart-Smith the photos)

Witness FOURTEEN left GFH in July, 1970, according to the council’s records. It was therefore put to Mr Gilbart-Smith that he stopped going to GFH sometime between March and July of 1970 after a row with Prescott. Mr Gilbart-Smith said it was the previous year, after the summer camp, that he stopped going to GFH.

Mr Price asked Gilbart-Smith why it was that if he stopped visiting GFH in the summer of 1969, FIFTEEN, in his uncontested evidence, said that Mr Gilbart-Smith was a regular visitor to GFH, yet this witness did not arrive at GFH until March 1970. Mr Price asked how could this be so. Gilbart-Smith replied that he did not remember it was such a long time ago.

Give a man a long enough rope and he will hang himself!
No one believes a liar even when he is telling the truth!

Gilbart-Smiths paedophile defence

Denham Gilbart-Smith






Under cross examination Gilbart-Smith made the following denials;

1.      I didn’t know that the other men were paedophiles!
2.      I didn’t know that the boys were being abused!
3.      I am not a paedophile!
4.      I am being blamed because the real paedophiles are dead!

Other than the above denials the following 17 “witnesses” were the sum total of Gilbart-Smiths defence at the 2010 trial. Gilbart-Smith called all of his family as witnesses so not one of them was aware of ANY of the prosecution evidence.

Mrs Lesley Gilbart-Smith, wife of the defendant, told the court that her husband was a leader at St Mary’s church, Maidenhead, and she was a sixteen year old member of the youth group, when they started dating in 1973. Mrs Gilbart-Smith told the court about charities that her husband supported and also spoke of other good works her husband had done. She then spoke of his strengths and leadership qualities as he was a leader of various church groups. When asked what her husband’s penis was like, Mrs Gilbart-Smith said that her husband had a normal penis. What Mrs Gilbart-Smith failed to tell the court was that her husband was never faithfull committing adultery with numerous women from the church.
John Price Q.C. prosecution had no questions for this stooge.

Was Mr Gilbart-Smith’s brother whilst being questioned by Jo Cutts, Mr Gilbart-Smith made it clear that other than working in the city he had NOTHING to do with his brother during the period 1966-1970.
The prosecution had no questions for this stooge.

The third stooge was a lady called Antoinette, who said that Mrs Gilbart-Smith senior was her “spiritual mother” and she spoke of the Friday Club that Mrs Gilbart-Smith senior had founded. However Antoinette only went a few times as the Friday Club was at the Gilbart-Smith’s house in Maidenhead and Antoinette lived in London.
The prosecution had no questions for this stooge.

Told the court about the Crusaders children’s group that Mr Gilbart-Smith senior had led for fifty years.
The prosecution had no questions for this stooge.

Stooge five met Gilbart-Smith in the eighties and said that he ran a charity and Mr Gilbart-Smith had helped them financially.
The prosecution had no questions for this stooge.

Said that in the late eighties he had lived with the Gilbart-Smith family.
The prosecution had no questions for this stooge.

Said that in the nineties he had had marriage guidance from the Gilbart-Smiths and his marriage had been saved due to their wise counselling.
The prosecution had no questions for this stooge.

A retired policeman said that he had known Mr Gilbart-Smith for a number of years and he thought Gilbart-Smith was of impeccable character.
The prosecution had no questions for this stooge.

Said that following Gilbart-Smith’s advice in the 90’s he had left his secure job as a teacher to open a Christian bookshop in Marlow and Mr Gilbart-Smith had given him an unsecured low interest loan of £5,000. Sometime later when the book shop closed owing £75,000, Mr Gilbart-Smith wrote the loan off.
The prosecution had no questions for this stooge.

Was a woman who told the court that she stayed in the Gilbart-Smith’s annex when she was having difficulties with her marriage.
The prosecution had no questions for this stooge.

Was the pastor of Marlow Christian Fellowship that meets at Foxes Piece School, Newfield Road, Marlow. The pastor told the court what a wonderful man Mr Gilbart-Smith was.
The prosecution had no questions for this stooge.

Was a young ginger bloke from the River Church, Maidenhead. He said that he enjoyed sleepovers at the Gilbart-Smith house because they had a football pitch in the back garden. Ginger was probably unaware that twenty years previously Gilbart-Smith was the leader of the River Church where he was sexually inappropriate with teenagers and was eventually excommunicated for having a long term adulterous affair with Julie B.
The prosecution had no questions for this stooge.

Jo Cutts was struggling as none of these stooges said anything that was relevant to the case and Mr Price never had any questions. Cutts was just whizzing through the stooges, asking the same irrelevant questions and thereby highlighting the fact that there was no point to anything these stooges had said. To buy some time she asked Judge John if the court could be adjourned early for lunch so that she could call a special ‘batch’ of witnesses as a group. Judge John refused the request for an early lunch and so Joanne Cutts carried on calling the stooges.

Luke Gilbart-Smith told the court what a loving father Gilbart-Smith was.
The prosecution had no questions for this stooge.

Matthew Gilbart-Smith told the court what a loving father Gilbart-Smith was.
The prosecution had no questions for this stooge.

Adam Gilbart-Smith told the court what a loving father Gilbart-Smith was.
The prosecution had no questions for this stooge.

Ruth Gilbart-Smith wife of Mark McCrindle told the court what a loving father Gilbart-Smith was.
The prosecution had no questions for this stooge.

This stooge was a private detective. When questioned by Miss Cutts, he told the court who he was, what sort of work he did and how he was qualified for this sort of work etc. He then went on to tell the court that he drove from the Gilbart-Smith holiday home in Elmer Sands, to Bracklesham Bay where one of the alleged rapes took place. He explained what type of road system was in place in this rural area and went on to say that the distance on the milometer on his car read 15.4 miles.
The prosecution had no questions for this stooge.

Not one of the seventeen stooges contributed anything to help exonerate Mr Gilbart-Smith regarding the allegations of rape and sexual abuse at GFH, London; St Mary’s Bay, Kent; Cornwall or the family holiday home in West Sussex for the period 1964 -1970. All of these witnesses were just smoke, and of course Gilbart-Smith had succeeded in keeping his family out of court so not one of them knew what really happened at the children’s home, except from the distorted account he chose to tell them.

This seventeen “witnesses” took just three hours out of the six week trial. Coupled with his denials, this was the sum total of Gilbart-Smiths defence! Gilbart-Smith called all of his family as witnesses so not one of them was aware of ANY of the prosecution evidence.

Repetition does not transform a lie into truth!


Gilbart-Smith paid a 7 figure sum to stay out of court

 Denham Gilbart-Smith





On the 29th November, 2006, the media state that Maidenhead council agreed to pay out over three million in compensation and legal costs to the first nine ex-residents of GFH who made an abuse claim.

In the December of 2006 the council’s insurers sued Gilbart-Smith to recover their losses. The council believed that they could prove Gilbart-Smith to be a child rapist in a court of law. Gilbart-Smith was of the same opinion as the council, so to prevent his paedophile activities becoming public early in 2007 Gilbart-Smith settled out of court for a 7 figure sum to cover the insurer’s loss.

Gilbart-Smith negotiated a deal with the council that he would be excluded from any future litigation so nobody knows how much Gilbart-Smith had to cough as by 2010 there had been 21 successful claims.

Even wealthy people just don’t have this sort of cash sat in a bank so on April 12th 2007, Gilbart-Smith sold his family home of twenty five years, Winterberry Jobs Lane, Cookham, SL6 9TX, for £1,475,000,00. The Stables is the property next door to Winterberry where Gilbart-Smith ran an insurance business from, but it is not clear whether or not this property was sold. (value £1,000,000)

Around the same time Smith also released assets from Cape Marco Hotels Limited, as well as selling a waterside property that his parents had purchased in 1971 namely; Ballyhaise, Quarry Road, Marlow, SL7 1RE which sold for £1,251,423,00. The two SL6 properties alone without the Cape Marco Hotel assets or The Stables add up to just less than three million. (£2,726,423,00).


If I stay silent it will kill me inside-Doomed if I do and doomed if I don’t.
Trapped in this body with nowhere to hide-Ashamed to be inside my own skin.


Gilbart-Smith blackmail plots & heart attacks

Denham Gilbart-Smith






In 1964 aged 12 Walters was one of the first boys to enter Green Field House children’s home and was systematically abused by Prescott, Burkett and others. Walters went on to become an abuser, raping photographing and filming the younger boys with numerous paedophiles in the south of England including Tony Knott Ted Burkett and Gilbart-Smith.

Tony Knott was jailed in 1968 for taking pornographic photographs of young boys. In the December of 1970 Donald Prescott the paedophile warden of GFH Maidenhead was forced to leave the children’s home when the police started a paedophile investigation and Burkett fled to Australia.

The paedophile Gilbart-Smith got married had four children and became a church leader. Gilbart-Smith went on to make many millions in the city of London and at the age of 40 in 1987 he became a Lloyd’s ‘name’ and retired from working.

At the same time of Gilbart-Smiths retirement Prescott in his 50’s died after having a massive heart attack in a public place one morning! Burkett had since returned from Australia and after Prescott’s death Burkett approached Walters parents to be told that their son was in Wandsworth prison. Burkett visited Walters in Wandsworth and told him this story.

“In 1970 Prescott was forced to leave GFH and the police started an investigation. Prescott broke into his old office at GFH as he had hidden pornographic photos of Gilbart-Smith with young boys. Prescott took the photos to Mr Gilbart-Smith senior saying; “If I go down I am taking your son with me!” Prescott received a large sum of money from Gilbart-Smith senior, Prescott then bribed a DC Carstairs and the police investigation was wound down!”

After Prescott died Burkett and Walters took up the mantle of blackmailing Smith with photos that Walters retrieved from a trunk that Burkett had stored in the attic of his sister’s house when he fled to Australia.  Soon after the blackmail plot against Gilbart-Smith Burkett also died abruptly from a massive heart attack in a public place in the morning, and Gilbart-Smith struck a deal with Walters who purchased three properties and set up a scaffolding business. For the first time in his adult life Gilbart-Smith was free from any paedophile blackmailers.

In May 2010 Walters just escaped being prosecuted for child abuse and agreed to give evidence at the 2010 Gilbart-Smith trial. Walters lied to the court saying; “I had little to do with the posh man” Truth is, Gilbart-Smith and Walters were paedophile partners. In 1968 when Gilbart-Smith was given a green MG reg KMO 124B for his birthday, Gilbart-Smith gave Walters his first car, a bubble car reg WLH 858



Walters finished giving evidence at 3.08 on Wednesday 18th May 2010 two days later in the morning Walters had a massive heart attack in a public place and died. Had Walters been alive when the jury returned their not guilty verdicts, he would have been under extreme pressure from Gilbart-Smiths victims, and would have had no alternative other than to tell the truth about the whole affair.

If you want to know the character of a man
just look at the company he keeps!
“One might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb!”

Gilbart-Smith & the jury

Did Gilbart-Smith corrupt the jury in 2010? Before we answer that question we need to look at who Gilbart-Smith is. When I found Gilbart-Smith on his company website it wasn’t ordinary household, personal or car insurance he was involved in. Gilbart-Smith’s company offered insurance against kidnapping and international terrorism. So Gilbart-Smith was involved in the murky world of international intelligence, intrigue, subterfuge and double dealing.

To walk free from a trial you need three members of a jury to vote NOT GUILTY. Blog reader understand this, if Gilbart-Smith had access to one million or fifty million pounds, all of it would be worthless to him in jail. No more Michelin star restaurant’s for Greasy-Gilbart, just porridge! As he was now going to spend the rest of his disgraced, miserable life in prison, on the ‘monster’ wing with child murderers, paedophiles, rapists and every vile creature under the sun.

So to take a chance and bribe the jury was not really a risk, as it can’t get any worse than going to prison for the rest of your natural life!

Read the book! 

Three men might keep a secret if two of them are dead!



Gilbart-Smith prevented his family from hearing the case of both the prosecution evidence and his defence nonsense in the 2010 trial. Gilbart-Smith’s family and church friends would have known, for example that his first car was a ‘bubble car’.  Gilbart-Smith gave the bubble car to Willy Walters who later became one of Gilbart-Smiths blackmailers, Walters told Reading Crown Court that “he had little to do with the posh man. “

Did Gilbart-Smith tell his wife family or church friends that his first car was a bubble car?

Gilbart-Smith claimed in court that he became a Christian at the 1967 Billy Graham crusade, but he was raping Green Field House kids until 1970.
Did Gilbart-Smith give a different account to his family and churchy friends concerning his so called; “Christian conversion”?

In 2007 Gilbart-Smith paid Maidenhead Council a huge sum of money to hide his paedophile activities.
Were the Gilbart-Smith family aware that the Gilbart-Smith paid between one & three million pounds to Maidenhead Council?

In Gilbart-Smiths 1967 diary it said that he was meeting Gwen in Reading. Gwen was the name of one of the female paedophiles. Gilbart-Smith told the court that this was his aunt Gwen.
Did Gilbart-Smith have an aunt Gwen?
If yes would she have met him at Reading?

One of the boys from the children’s home told the court that in 1967 he was raped and abused by Gilbart-Smith when  Gilbart-Smith took him out in a Consul. Gilbart-Smith told the court that he never owned or had access to a Consul car, even though “Consul car” was written in his 1967 diary.
Do either of the Gilbart-Smith brothers remember a Consul car? Did their father own a Consul?

Gilbart-Smith told the court that he had never been to Bracklesham Bay where one of the rapes took place. Bracklesham Bay was just a few miles from Elmer Sands where Gilbart-Smiths grandfather had a holiday home.
Who owned the Bracklesham Bay holiday home?
Did the Gilbart-Smith family go to Bracklesham Bay?
Do the Gilbart-Smith brothers remember a family connection in Bracklesham Bay?

Don’t think too much; don’t wait for others to certify you.
If it is right… go ahead and just do it.


A typical day at Green Field House children’s home?

Obviously looking at the big picture of what happened at GFH it was horrific in the extreme! Having said that children are such resilient beings they have the ability to bounce! But of course the long term psychological and mental health issues are where the real damage of child abuse is seen. I am told that around 80% of men in prison have been victims of abuse as children.

6.00 am: A boy would be woken to make Donald Prescott the warden a pot of tea. The boy would take the tea to Prescott’s bedroom where he would be invited to get in bed with Prescott to be abused, while Mrs Prescott pretended to be asleep in a bed the other side of the very large room. My day for making the tea was Sunday. It is only in recent years that I realised this was the daily routine with different boys taking part.

7.00 am: All of the boys would get up and have to run downstairs to the wash room. Prescott would stand outside the wash room, and make you touch him, provided no other boy saw.

7.30 am: Breakfast which consisted of cereals. There were twelve boys at GFH six would sit on one side of the table and six the other side whilst Prescott and his wife sat at either end. Prescott would say; “Say grace” and the boys with their hands together would bow their heads and say; “May the Lord make us truly thankful for what we are about to receive.”

8.30 am: Invariably one boy would be held back and Prescott would take the rest of us to school in his land rover.

9.30 am: Prescott would return to GFH and at some stage of the day the separated boy would be given some sort of treat to make him feel special, and invariably he would be abused by Prescott.

4.00 pm: All boys arrive back to GFH from school.

5.00 pm: Tea a disgusting plate of lumpy mashed potato with a slice of corned beef or spam in a warm lumpy gravy with stale bread. Looking back it is clear that Prescott kept most of the council’s food budget for himself.

6.00 pm: One or two evenings a week Gilbart-Smith, Ted Burkett, Clive Bristow, Michael Moore or other men might arrive and play tennis or snooker with the boys. At some stage a boy or boys would disappear as would the men.

8.00 pm: Prescott might ask a boy to run him a foam bath and abuse would take place.

9.00 pm: The younger boys would go to bed, where Prescott would visit them and groom them.

10.00 pm: The older boys would go to bed. One or two of the older boys would stay down and be raped by the men or by an older boy whilst Prescott Gilbart-Smith and the others watched.

At weekends numerous men including Clemence Prescott, Ted Burkett, Gilbart-Smith, Michael Moore who was introduced to the home by Gilbart-Smith would converge on the home. Literally the abuse was 24/7.

The past is like an anchor holding us back.
You have to let go of who you are to become who you will be.



Denham Gilbart-Smith


Whilst I will never fully recover emotionally and mentally after what happened to me at the children’s home, due to the disturbance being in my developmental years, it is now part of who I am. However, since becoming a Christian in 1992 I have come a long way and have been emotionally healed in many areas of my life. Due to this healing, my mental health is a lot better than it was, or indeed could have been. Before I became a Christian I had the potential to be just about as dangerous as it gets. Had I not of become a Christian, I was so full of anger, I would have probably killed someone over something trivial such as a parking ticket or similar.

Any stability I have today is as a direct result of the love and friendship that I have received in the Christian community, especially from an old Christian couple, John and Gwen Barnett. I gave up on the hypocrisy of “church” and the organised “Christian” religion after around eighteen months of becoming a Christian, but this precious couple never gave up on me, they loved the darkness out of me at their dinner table for five years. Gwen’s last words to me were; “John Affleck you’ve been a real convert to me!”

If I forgive someone it is not saying what they did was right or letting them off the consequences of their actions. As an individual I can forgive, as a member of society we punish and we punish paedophiles most severely as they harm the very ones that they should be protecting.

In 2010 at Reading Crown Court after Denham Gilbart-Smith was found not guilty of raping eight boys as young as nine, I went into court knocked Gilbart-Smith to the floor, then poured a bottle of petrol over Gilbart-Smith and threatened to set him alight unless he confessed. Judge John jailed me the same day for one year for contempt of his court. I never attacked Gilbart-Smith through anger, if I had I would have hurt him bad! My attack was a premeditated and planned public statement that I DIDN’T accept the jury’s verdict!

So have I forgiven Gilbart-Smith for raping and abusing me when I was a child? Because forgiveness means different things to different people I feel it only proper to give a brief explanation of what forgiveness means to me.

If I even attempted to forgive Gilbart-Smith from my own strength or resources it would drive me insane emotionally and I would want to inflict pain on Gilbart-Smith! If I say that I have forgiven Gilbart-Smith I am coming from the Christian standpoint and the matter is spiritual rather than emotional. If I am successful at forgiving spiritually then at some stage my emotions will follow.

So how do I forgive spiritually? Simple! I see that through Christ God has forgiven me for all of my wrongdoing. Also through the cross of Christ, God has forgiven everyone else for their wrong doing. So I can now deal with others in the same way that God has dealt with me through Christ. So providing what I have just explained is REALLY part of my spiritual life,(and NOT text book words) then I am in a position to make a positive decision to forgive by having a clear understanding of my union with Christ.

Many Christian “leaders” have offered me no support but plenty advice, the most common line is; “You must forgive Gilbart-Smith for what he did and God will fight the battle for you” I just nod my head and smile, poor souls they haven’t got a clue on the subject matter and they haven’t even got enough sense or humility to remain quiet!

The fact of the matter is I am proud that I had the tenacity to walk into Reading Crown Court and give Gilbart-Smith a couple of slaps and a petrol shower to make my statement public.

I am very comfortable with forgiveness and my Christian walk and the real joy is I don’t have to explain myself to anyone!

“The stupid neither forgive nor forget;
the naïve forgive and forget;
the wise forgive but do not forget.”.